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The firm

Ignacio Sanín Bernal y Cía. Abogados was founded in 1968 by Dr. Ignacio Sanin Bernal, who, in life, was one of the most recognized and prestigious tax expert and lawyer in Colombia.

Since then, the company has been providing advice in the fields of corporate, tax, trade and exchange law, to its clients as well as a highly individualized service with a permanent vocation to finding solutions to their problems and concerns.


“Our firm advises national and international clients; from individuals, to companies, families and non-profit organizations”.


Professional Team

Our professional team consists of lawyers specializing in tax, commercial, corporate and procedural law, as well as accountants and auditors.

Practice Areas

Bookkeeping and Tax Audit

  • We undertake all accounting and bookkeeping activities for our clients in order for them to comply with their legal obligations, as well as with the timely filing of their tax returns, among others.
  • We serve as Statutory Auditors of companies and conduct external audits in accounting and taxation, in order to timely detect errors and contingencies in accounting, compliance and tax matters.

Tax law

  • Tax planning for companies and shareholders in order to optimize their tax burden.
  • Consulting on tax issues for strategic decision making.
  • Representation in the administrative tax discussion processes, as well as in the subsequent judicial procedure.


  • Legal advice and representation of clients in judicial matters before the Colombian courts and arbitration tribunals.

Foreign Exchange Law

  • Legal advice on foreign investment in Colombia as well as Colombian investment abroad.
  • Counseling and representing clients in foreign exchange disputes.

Corporate Law and Contracts

  • Structuring and negotiating contracts and legal documents for the execution of commercial transactions.
  • Legal advice on general and specialized corporate transactions.

Migrations and visas

  • Legal advice to foreign persons who want to enter Colombia and/or stay in the country.
  • Visa processing for the regularization of the migratory status of the foreign person.
  • Advisory in all the proceedings before the different government agencies during the entire process of the required visa.

Labor Law

  • Legal advice in labor matters.
  • Legal advice in the elaboration of labor agreements and in the implementation of labor policies and regulations.
  • Verification of contributions to social security, payroll taxes, and labor due diligence.
  • Response to requests from the labor authorities (UGPP and Ministry of Labor), among others.

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2021, English

Una reforma de beneficios y oportunidades

Artículo publicado el 30 de septiembre en Asuntos Legales del diario La República. Autor: Juan Esteban Sanín Gómez juan.sanin@isanin.com.co Puede afirmarse que la Ley 2155 de 2021 (Reforma Tributaria) trajo más beneficios fiscales y oportunidades que disposiciones...

2021, English

Piso de Protección Social: INEXEQUIBLE

Circular 09-09-2021 Mediante el artículo 193 de Plan Nacional de Desarrollo (2018-2022), el Presidente de la Republica reglamentó el acceso y operación del denominado Piso de Protección Social, en adelante “PPS”, para aquellas personas que mensualmente perciban...

2021, English

Regulación societaria para transitar la crisis

Artículo publicado el 28 de agosto en Asuntos Legales del diario La República. Autor: Juan Esteban Sanín Gómez juan.sanin@isanin.com.co De la crisis financiera de 2007-09 quedó claro que el papel del supervisor va más allá de ser un simple veedor; debe también...

2021, English

Ley de Trabajo Remoto

Circular 12-08-2021 El pasado de 3 de agosto de 2021 se publicó la Ley 2121 de 2021 “por medio de la cual se crea el régimen de trabajo remoto y se establecen normas para promoverlo, regularlo y se dictan otras disposiciones”.  ¿Qué dice este nuevo proyecto de ley...

2021, English

Reglamentación de la Nómina Electrónica

Circular 06-08-2021 A través de las resoluciones 000013 del 11 de febrero 2021, 000037 del 05 de mayo y 000063 de 30 de julio del año en curso, la DIAN expidió finalmente la reglamentación del documento soporte de pago de nómina electrónica, bajo el parágrafo 6 del...

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