Mazars in Medellin: An integration that allows us to continue to grow

Feb 11, 2022 | 2022

Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía joins Mazars international partnership!

We are pleased to announce that, as of January 2022, Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía will join Mazars in Colombia which is an internationally integrated partnership, specialized in audit, accounting, consulting, tax and legal services. Operating in more than 90 countries and territories around the world, they draw on the expertise of more than 44,000 professionals – more than 28,000 in the Mazars integrated partnership and more than 16,000 through the Mazars North America Alliance – to assist clients of all sizes at every stage of their development.

Mazars works as a single integrated team, leveraging experience, scale and cultural understanding to deliver exceptional, customized audit and accounting services, as well as tax, financial advisory, consulting and legal services.
With the addition of the Mazars team, we can now offer a broader range of services, including audit, outsourcing, consulting, tax, legal, financial services and sustainability expertise, in addition to our established legal services in litigation, intellectual property, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and labor law, while maintaining the same high quality standards.

Since the launch of Mazars in Colombia in 2018, we have seen strong upward momentum, growing more than 50% annually as a firm. This merger demonstrates our commitment to continue growing and developing its activities in Colombia.

Commenting on the merger, Carlos Andrés Molano, Managing Partner of Mazars in Colombia, says: “I am very excited to formalize our collaboration with Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía through this strategic integration, expanding our service offering and local coverage. At Mazars, we always strive to deliver what our clients need to succeed. I am pleased to add the legal expertise of Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía to our integrated offering to give our clients access to a wide range of services that will be tailored to their individual needs. This move also brings more opportunities for our people to learn new skills and develop professionally, in line with our ambitions to be a true school of excellence.”

Together, Mazars and Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía will provide integrated support across multiple jurisdictions and offer the full benefit of Mazars’ expertise to clients in Colombia from offices in the country’s three main cities.

Juan Esteban Sanín, Managing Partner of Ignacio Sanín Bernal & Cía, added: “I am very excited to join Mazars, an international firm, which offers multidisciplinary services that combine local expertise with a global perspective. I am looking forward to offering our clients a broader range of services and giving them access to a team of international experts to support them wherever they operate.”

With this integration, Mazars becomes one of the top 10 law and accounting firms in the country by 2022. With around 230 professionals in Bogota, Cali and Medellin, we are uniquely positioned to successfully guide local and global players and help them achieve their objectives in Colombia and beyond.

This unique partnership structure means that integrated services will be provided in multiple jurisdictions, please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help.


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